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Bar & Cellar Management.
Customer Care & Complaint Handling.
Human Resource Management.
Fire Safety & Awareness.
Time & Stress Management.

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Each of the main topics involved in running a restaurant are covered in our great quality restaurant training books, have a look below for more details and some screenshots.

Book 1. Bar & Cellar Management.


The main topics covered in our Bar and Cellar Management training book are:

Effectively order, rotate, count and store your stock.
Learn how to change barrels, kegs, gas and post mix.
Cleaning your lines, bar and cellar hygiene.
Display and promote your stock to increase sales.
Train your staff effectively.
Your responsibilities and the Law.....plus lots more.

Book 2. Customer Care and Complaint Handling.


The main topics covered in our Customer Care and Complaint Handling training book are:

Making great first impressions.
Learn how to keep your service consistent.
Making a great lasting impression.
Defining a positive customer experience.
Seeing things from your customers' perspective.
Non-verbal communication and your success.....plus lots more.

Book 3. Human Resources Management.


The main topics covered in our Human Resources Management book are:

Human Resource planning.
Researching and sourcing your staff.
Managing and assessing your employees' performance.
Developing and training your staff.
Retaining your staff.
Grievance and disciplinary procedures.....plus lots more.

Book 4. Fire Safety & Awareness.


The main topics covered in our Fire Safety & Awareness book are:

Understanding how fires start and spread.
The different types of fires..
Good practices for fire prevention.
What to do upon discovering a fire.
Your responsibilities and the Law.
All about fire-fighting equipment and how to use it.....plus lots more.

Book 5. Time & Stress Management.


The main topics covered in our Time & Stress Management book are:

The importance of managing your time effectively.
Analysing how you spend your time.
The need to organise your daily tasks.
Using a personal planner to your advantage.
The importance of keeping your workplace stress-free..
Delegation.....plus lots more.

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SIX training books worth £17.94 for FREE!

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