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Written by The Restaurant Doctor UK Team
Last Updated: 15th November 2023

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All organisations need clear communication and consistency to succeed, regardless of their size or type. However, these principles become even more critical in hospitality, given our industry's unique challenges. Whether you run a cosy café or a sprawling diner, clarity is an important factor that helps bind your team together.

An employee handbook is important for strengthening company culture and expectations, all while following employment law. It is not just a document, but a foundational tool. An employee handbook will generally cover various topics including health and safety, equal opportunities, employee perks, and even social media rules.

The main purpose of this page is to offer you a free staff handbook template download, but we have also included some useful information on why you need one and what should be included.

What’s on this page:

The Benefits of Having a Staff Handbook
What can you expect from our handbook?
Why You Need a Staff Handbook for Your Restaurant
Key Components of an Effective Staff Handbook
Free staff handbook download

The Benefits of Having a Staff Handbook

✔️ Clear Communication. In any restaurant, clear and consistent communication is pivotal. A staff handbook is a central source for team members to find information about company rules, code of conduct, job tasks, and employee rights.

Through a staff handbook, all of the important information you want to share becomes accessible to all team members and provides details about their rights as stated in their employment contract. This reduces confusion and sets clear benchmarks for performance and behaviour.

✔️ Enhances Training. Training can be overwhelming, especially when it involves learning a vast amount of information in a short span. An employee handbook becomes an essential resource in this scenario. Your new employees can review parts of your employee manual to help them understand and apply what they have learned. This can lead to faster onboarding and more confident employees.

✔️ Mitigates Legal Risks. In the legal landscape we all navigate today, being proactive is the key. A staff handbook with clearly defined policies, from workplace harassment guidelines to break timings, serves as a protective shield for employers. While not a legal requirement, it supports you in disagreements, demonstrating your dedication to fairness and following employment laws.

✔️ Promotes Fair Treatment. Inconsistent treatment can cause unhappiness and even staff turnover. To ensure fair treatment of your staff, use a staff handbook to establish clear rules for how you reward and discipline them. It should also cover important topics such as health and safety, equal opportunities, and employee benefits.

✔️ Boosts Efficiency. Being efficient doesn’t mean just doing things fast, it means making sure things are done properly and everyone knows what they are doing. Having a clear guide for your employees saves everybody time by avoiding confusion or uncertainty.

When used with a job description and a thorough induction programme your staff handbook can help clearly explain their duties, rights, and ways to handle common work issues.

✔️ Strengthens Company Culture. A staff handbook goes beyond the operational and legal, it can also be a cultural benchmark. You can use it to share your restaurant's beliefs, goals, and principles. For employees, it helps them understand the business and contribute better towards a shared objective.

What can you expect from our handbook?

Comprehensive. From company policies, and procedures, to employee rights – it's all there in line with your long-term goals. An employee handbook is a great resource for maintaining social media guidelines.

You can adjust the template to suit your needs. You can set rules for your employees, including outlining your social media guidelines, emphasising important health and fire safety protocols and, in conjunction with your offer letter and contract of employment, document your compensation structure.

100% Free To Access. Yes, you read that right, you can download and access this template completely free of charge (with no personal details required) .

Why You Need a Staff Handbook

In a busy restaurant, effective communication keeps things running smoothly. But when things get confusing or unclear, a staff handbook can help. Here's why:

  1. Clear expectations help employees thrive because they know exactly what you expect from them. A handbook leaves no room for ambiguity, from dress codes to customer service standards.
  2. When everyone on the team knows and follows the same rules, it guarantees a consistent experience for customers. This consistency is important for getting customers to come back.
  3. Legal entanglements are a restaurant owner's worst nightmare. A thorough employee handbook serves as your shield, offering clarity and protection in situations of disputes or misunderstandings.
  4. New hires? No problem! A staff handbook helps new employees learn how things work at your place more easily during their onboarding process and orientation when used in conjunction with a staff induction programme.

Key Components of an Effective Staff Handbook

Your staff handbook is as unique as you and your restaurant are. You may not want to add a lot to it, or on the other hand, you may want to make it detailed and comprehensive.

However, here's what most people suggest should be included in a good employee handbook:

  1. Begin by briefly introducing your restaurant's background, goals, and values to create a strong connection with your brand.
  2. Outline expected behaviours, including interaction guidelines with colleagues and customers, dress code, and personal conduct.
  3. Given the nature of the industry, safety, especially food safety, is paramount. Provide guidelines on handling food, cleanliness standards, and emergency procedures.
  4. Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policies. Stress on the importance of a respectful and inclusive work environment. Outline the procedures and consequences related to any form of harassment or discrimination.
  5. Describe policies for breaks during shifts, sick leaves, annual leave, and other forms of time off.
  6. Share information about training programs and growth opportunities in the restaurant, while ensuring data protection.

Free Staff Handbook Template Download

Click the link below to download our free employee handbook template.


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