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Bar Hygiene & Cleaning

Written by The Restaurant Doctor UK Team
Last Updated: 29th October 2023

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Keeping your bar clean is just as important as keeping a kitchen clean, it is where you prepare and serve drinks and it portrays how clean and organised your whole operation is.

For reasons relating to health & safety, food hygiene and also customer care you must make sure that your bar is always clean and tidy.

The things you should do to keep your bar clean and tidy are:

  1. Wipe bar tops when they become dirty or sticky. This is not very welcoming for customers.
  2. Keep your shelves and fridges clean & tidy.
  3. Empty and clean your glass wash machine at least once a day.
  4. When you take glasses out of the machine put them at the back of the shelf so they have chance to cool down and dry properly before you use them.
  5. At the end of the day empty and wash your drip trays.
  6. At the end of the day remove the sparklers and leave them to soak in some soda water overnight.
  7. At least once a week take all the glasses off the shelves and clean the shelves.
  8. Throw away any unused ice, lime slices or lemon slices.
  9. At the end of the shift sweep and mop the floor using a cleaning agent and HOT water.
  10. Collect empty glasses to remove clutter from your bar and keep it inviting for customers.
  11. Polish and mirrors or glass shelves regularly.
  12. Polish away dust from bottles on optics or displays.
  13. Check your toilets regularly.
  14. At least once a week remove the optic measures and soak them in hot water, then in a cleaning solution. Make sure you thoroughly rinse them in cold water before you attach the bottle to it ready for dispensing.

Keeping a clean and tidy bar is essential for maintaining a healthy and safe environment for both staff and customers. By following the guidelines outlined in the text, such as wiping down surfaces, regularly cleaning equipment, and removing clutter, bar owners and employees can ensure that their establishment is inviting and professional.

By prioritising cleanliness and organisation, bar owners can demonstrate their commitment to customer care and maintain a positive reputation within the industry.

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